At ADKAL ETHIO AFRIC TOUR AND TRAVEL, our ethos is to leave any area we are operating in better than when we first saw it. This philosophy is the blood that runs through our organization. We constantly dedicate our precious time and our utmost effort to translate our philosophy into measurable action. Our work with MCRC is a testament to our unwavering dedication to this philosophy. Different locations have different issues to be solved and as such we constantly work to identify and address each issue, we are capable of. One issue that stands constant in most communities is the lack of quality education. And as such we are dedicated to empowering our youth with the gift of education. We are constantly working on how we can achieve this goal. We are constantly working on partnering with various aid groups, NGOs and any individual that can help us achieve our goal.

We are also dedicated to various conservation efforts. Ethiopia is full of natural, cultural and historical treasures. Since our philosophy is to have a positive impact, we are aware of the fact that this responsibility includes conserving our heritage sites for the next generation of our country and the world. We participate in tree planting constantly to conserve our fertile lands and improve the air quality.

The live trading of animals such as cheetas and elephants is a pressing issue for the conservation efforts of our nation’s wild life. This effort requires tour operators, such as ourselves, to play a part according to our capabilities. We have identified therefore, that our first effort is to provide uniforms for our scouts and volunteer scouts by assuring our clients that part of our proceeds will go to fund this goal. This might be the beginning of our efforts, but our hearts lay on the summit of the steps that need to be taken to make Ethiopia’s wildlife one of it’s main attractions.

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