Gelada Monkey

Although often mistakenly called Gelada Baboons, these monkeys actually belong to a separate genus and are not baboons. They are the last surviving species of grass-grazing primates. The Gelada can be easily recognised by the unusual hairless patches of skin on the chest, which blaze a bright crimson colour. This trait has given them the nickname ‘the Bleeding Heart Monkey’. Geladas are endemic to the Ethiopian highlands, with populations being found by the Awash River, Blue Nile River, and south of the Tekeze River. However, the Simien Mountains host the largest concentration of Geladas in the country.

Ethiopian Wolf

The endemic Ethiopian wolf is one of Africa’s endangered species with the remaining population below 600. Locally known as ‘Key Kebero’, meaning red jackal, Ethiopian wolves have long legs, a long, pointed muzzle and weigh between 11 and 19kg. They are a distinctive tawny red in colour with paler under parts and a black bushy tail. The Ethiopian wolf is currently is confined to Bale Mountains, Arsi Mountains, Borena Saiynt, and Simien Mountains. It is also possible to see this amazing animal in the community conservation areas in Menz-Guassa and Abuna Yoseph.

The Walia Ibex

The Walia Ibex lives in very steep, rocky cliff areas between 2,500 and 4,500 meters high and almost exclusively in the northern escarpment in the Simien Mountains National Park. Numbers remain small, with only around 500 Ibex left alive today. Our expert trekking guides know the Simien Mountains like the back of their hand, so know just where to find them.


Spotted Hyenas can be found in Ethiopia, particularly in Harar where the famous ‘Hyena Men’ can be found feeding the animals at night. The practice has historic routes in Ethiopia, although it is on the decline.

Hippos and Crocodiles

Hippos can often be spotted lurking in the various lakes of Ethiopia. Any boat trip onto Lakes Tana, Chamo or Awassa are all but guaranteed to feature an appearance from a couple of hippos, bathing in the distance. Lake Chamo is also the home to giant Crocodiles, so we recommend you row row row your boat!


Ethiopia is home to a plethora of bird life, too many to list here. We’ve partnered with some of the best birding guides in the country so you can get the most out of your time in Ethiopia. Of course, you don’t have to be an experienced bird-watcher to marvel at the flamboyance of flamingos in Lake Abijatta or the grace of Tawny Eagles soaring in the thermals of the Simien Mountains…

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