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ADKAL Ethio Afric Tour and Travel PLC (ADKAL) is a licensed tour operator in Ethiopia with a vision of conserving Ethiopia’s natural and historical heritages and sharing it with the world. We operate under the understanding that we can only achieve our vision through education. Thus, part of our proceeds will go to helping various causes. Our team is led by a business executive with extensive experience in various industries, and an extensive knowledge of the tour industry.

Adkal Ethio Afric Tour & Travel PLC (ADKAL) is a company with exceptional hospitality as its nucleus. In 2017 Adkal Ethio Afric Tour & Travel PLC (ADKAL) was established to provide utmost satisfaction to its customers with business license No. 980/2016 and Ministry of Culture and Tourism competence certificate number C/A/C/ No. 504. ADKAL is relatively new company, but all its founding members are well qualified with long experience in the travel industry and the business in general.

Adkal Ethio Afric Tour & Travel PLC (ADKAL) is organized to provide International travelers with safe, convenient and memorable travel arrangements and vacation.

Our contact Address:

BL/W03 Cameron Avenue B195,

House No. 2391

Tel: +251-11-618-55-97,

Mobile +251-964-78-78-78

Fax: +251-11-662-64-15

P.O. Box. 90196, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.   

Email:   info@Adkalethio.com; Adkalethio@gmail.com 

Web site: www.Adkalethio.com 

Adkal Ethio Afric Tour & Travel PLC’s standard and customized tour packages provide a variety of options for travel in Ethiopia and neighboring countries such as Eritrea, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania and Seychelles.

At the core of our daily operations are conservation and tours that benefit the local people of the area. We stand to use the power of tourism to play a role in the continued conservation of our various cultures, and to provide authentic experiences to our customers. Our goal is to make sure that our clients enjoy the best of our services and return home with rapturous memories of fun and satisfaction. At ADKAL, we believe that the most important part of our business is the client. For this reason, we do everything we can to satisfy and exceed our clients’ expectations.

ADKAL is staffed with experienced tour operators, multi-lingual guides, driver-guides, cooks, etc. Our drivers/tour guides have traveled widely throughout the country and beyond and are well acquainted with all areas. We are well equipped with vehicles suitable for Ethiopia’s climate and road conditions (terrain). Since our 4WD Land Cruisers, Minibus high roof and Coaster buses are in excellent condition, tourists and other clients are unlikely to experience any discomfort during our tours both within and across Ethiopia’s boundaries. Additionally, ADKAL’s cooks are experienced professionals trained in certified colleges throughout the country. They can provide reliable service, with professional cleanliness, while preparing delicious local and international meals.

Adkal Ethio Afric Tour & Travel PLC (ADKAL) provides camping equipment’s, tents, motor bicycles, which are all easily accessible at any time. We believe that these services help guests to explore and enjoy different parts of the country.

ADKAL maintains a strong partnership and cooperation with hotels. Thus, we have a high a degree of versatility in satisfying our clients wants and needs, in case of un-expected events or requests of additional services. So, our clients can sleep well knowing that we have planned their vacation to be absolutely worry free.  This is on top of our own the 3star hotel in Addis Ababa with future investment plan to expand this in different destinations.

In addition to our regular tour itineraries, Adkal Ethio Afric Tour & Travel PLC (ADKAL) offers custom-tailored tours and safaris to suit clients’ individual needs on top of the standard products suggested on our website. Ethiopia has a lot to offer and ADKAL is prepared to show you all around this great country. ADKAL’s goal is to position itself as a provider of “Exceptionally Excellent Journey through the Land of Origins” and as such, we strive for excellence every day.

ADKAL services included: –

  • Any Tour and Travel
  • Vehicle hire with driver
  • Flight ticket services
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Transfers services
  • Professional guide service in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese and other languages on request
  • Meeting & conference ground-handling services
  • Community-based and customized tour experiences

ADKAL is always open and welcomes any customized request to meet special requirements with affordable price.

As a standard procedures ADKAL’s representative meets customers on arrival at Bole International Airport which is Africans supper hub. Guest will receive the famous warm Ethiopian welcome and are transferred to their preferred hotels.  There are various choices for hotels in Addis Ababa, we have 5* luxury Hotels such as, Capital Spa, Hayat Regency, Sheraton Addis, Golden Tulip, Marriott Executive Apartment, Radisson Blu and 4* hotels such as Eliana, Intercontinental, Jupiter International Hotel and many more 3* hotels per the request which meet tourist standard. In the northern parts of Ethiopia as Bahir Dar hotels such as Avanti Blue Nile Resort, Kuriftu Resort, Abayminch Lodge, Tana Hotel and more are available; in Gondar  hotels such as Goha, Tayebelaye, AG Palace, Florida, Land Mark, Lammergeyer…; in Debark & Semien Mountain National Park Hotels & Lodges such as Sona, Unique Land, Semine Park, Semien Lodge,… in Axum Hotels such as Yeha, Consular, Yarid Zema, Sabean, Brana…; in Mekele Hotels such as Planet, Axum,…; in Lalibela Hotels such as Mountain View, Top 12, Panorama View, Tukulu Village,… In the Southern Parts of Ethiopia in Debre Zeit Hotels such as Kuriftu, Babogaya, Yisak,…; in Nazrit Hotels such as Rift Valley, Adama Germen…, in Langano Lodges as Sabana, Africa Vacation, Hara, Bishangari, Borati,…; in Hawassa Hotels and Lodges such as Lewi, Haile, Southern star, Pina,…; in Bale such as Dinsho Lodge, Bale Lodge, in Goba as Wabi Shebele, in Arbaminch Hotels and Lodges such as Paradise, Haile, Lewi,…; in Konso Hotels and Lodges such as Kanta, Ediget,…; in Jinka Hotels such as Eco-Lodge, Resort, Orit, Eyob, Yasmin,…; in Turmi Lodges and Hotels such as Buska, Emerald, Tourist,… In the Eastern parts of Ethiopia in Awash hotels Lodges  such as Blen, Awash fall, Genet,… in Dire Dawa hotels such as Ras, Triangle, Samrat,…; in Harar Hotels such as Heritage, Ras, Rawda,…; in the Western parts of Ethiopia, in Jimma, hotels such as Central, Honey Land,… in Mizan Teferi, Guest Houses such as, Alayush,… and many more. We also have agents in each tourist destinations.         

Adkal Ethio Afric Tour and Travel PLC (ADKAL) has a dedicated staff who passionately care for guests because, professional service, courtesy and customer satisfaction is trained and expected. Our staff will make sure that fond memories are sketched into the minds of our International guests and new friendships are formed.

Leave the ordinary, discover the extraordinary. Come journey through the land of origins with ADKAL.

Our vision at ADKAL Ethio Afric Tour and Travel can be summed up in four words. Conservation, Community, Employees & Education. We strive to better the community by making sure our operations end up serving the local community. We strive to conserve our culture, endemic animals and the national parks that host them by participating in various programs. We strive to conserve our forests by participating in planting trees. We strive to empower our employees through challenging training programs. We strive to educate communities who otherwise can’t afford it. At ADKAL Ethio Afric, it is our policy that each employee progresses professionally and never stays stagnant in one position. As such, we are heavily invested in furthering the education of our employees. We have a strong belief that we can create a chain effect of positive change by investing in educational programs for our employees and the communities we operate in.

Our mission is to conserve Ethiopia’s history, natural resources and share it with the world through. We achieve this through participating in conservation programs and involving ourselves with entities that work for the betterment of our society.

What people will experience when they choose us is a quality tour. We know our strongest assets in Ethiopia are our Historical sites. We therefore make sure customers get ample time to enjoy each of these sites and leave with new knowledge. The experiences we offer are not limited to the historic sites but a combination of culture and various activities. We make sure that our customers’ requests are always met. Our customers can sleep in peace knowing that their journey through history ends up helping the local community.

ADKAL Ethio Afric Tour and Travel has been a proud supporter of the Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center (MCRC). We have been a member of this institution since our inception.

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