About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a land that stirs your senses, moves your heart and touches your soul with it’s 3000 years of history and breath-taking landscape. As you travel across the great heights and explore deep laying low lands you will experience memories to last you a life time.

Ethiopia, the cradle of humanity where we first walked with two legs is a country where the oldest fossils of our ancestors have been found. Our archeological treasures are just one of the many sites to be experienced.

The untouched dramatic landscapes of the Semien Mountains are full of natural beauty and awe-inspiring scenery. They provide the best trekking paths and the best camping sites. Semien Mountains National park is also home to one of Africa’s highest picks, Ras Dashen, and endemic wildlife as the Walia Ibex amongst many. Besides the scenery, the fauna and flora, the trekking paths are a chance to see the local way of life and experience the famous Ethiopian hospitality.

The lowlands in the southwest are home to one of the lowest laying areas below sea level in the world, the Danakil Depression. Erta Ale, an active volcano is a must see and you can climb right up to it. It’s dramatic colors are a wonder to see and when you climb right next to it, when you feel the heat of the volcano and experience mother nature at her rawest it becomes a pure moment of bliss. The lowlands of the southwest are also home to many tribes that ingeniously manage to survive the harsh conditions preserving their way of life for generations.

Ethiopia is one of only two countries that have avoided colonization. These preserved cultures are unique in their variety and unity. The various cultures also come with cuisine variety that is hard to count. With above 80 ethnicities who have managed to keep their identity untouched, the experiences of cuisine, culture, festivals are endless.

The unique Rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the Axum stele, Gondar castles have unique architecture found no where else. They are a chance to travel back in time and walk the same path as the fabled Queen of Sheba and the mighty Ase Tewodros amongst many historically significant figures of our continent and country.

The modern Ethiopia is a country that strives to share it’s unique history and culture. With a determined and unified effort to boost the tourism sector, the country has become one of Africa’s leading nations with inscribing more than 10 incredible world heritages by UNESCO. Comprised of traditionally hospitable people any tourist that visits Ethiopia is sure to experience a home away from home. This effort of boosting the tourism industry is accompanied by improving infrastructure and opening many tourist standard hotels. So, clients can rest assured that their lodgings will be of the utmost standard.

Ethiopia’s multiple cultures also provide intangible heritages to the world such as the Meskel (founding of the true cross) festival, Fichee-Chambalaalla (new year festival of the Sidama people), and the Gada system (an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo, Irecha (thanks giving) to Waka meaning one God and seeking good fortune for the upcoming planting season, which were inscribed buy UNESCO and are a testament to the nations cultural riches.

Ethiopia, a mosaic of cultures living in harmony is dynamic and alive with energy and excitement at every turn. You can witness churches and mosques neighboring each other and you will feel welcomed at the extraordinary underground churches of Lalibela and inside the walled Muslim city of Harar. This is a living Kaledoscope of peoples drawn from many different ethnicities, united in mutual respect which we are known to extend to all our visitors.

Come and journey through the land of origins. You will leave with a life time of memories.

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